Jewelry made of plastic

3D printed from PET bottles

My name is Gabriela Romanska and I am a fashion designer by education. Like every student in this field, I have heard from the first classes that the future of the industry is ecology and new technologies. Thanks to this, I already knew in the university what values I wanted to represent with my brand, even though if I mature to care for the Planet for a little longer.

In February 2020, in the first weeks of global pandemic, my company was founded – it had never seen a world outside the lockdown. Although building an innovative brand is more difficult than I thought, I do not give up on the quest to clean the Planet from disposable plastic and ethically produce with machines.

3D printing from plastic bottles – what does it mean for the Planet?

1. Production without human labour.

Machines do all the physical work in creating plastic parts, so you can be sure that the product was created in an ethical way

2. Use of recycled materials.

The plastic I use comes from at least 90% recycled PET bottles. Retrieval of this raw material and processing it into a reusable item is very important, as it can take up to 1,000 years to break down the bottle. Every product brings us closer to cleaning up the Planet.

3. Metal elements are made in Poland.

Silver blanks come from a Polish precious metal foundry, so every element of your order has been produced with respect for human work.

4. Paper packaging.

The product you receive will be packed in paper and cardboard. I do not use standard jewelry boxes that contain magnets, sponges, ribbons or gold. Although all these additions create the impression of a premium brand, I care more about the condition of our Planet.

5. Assembly takes place in Poland.

As with the production of metal and plastic elements, the installation of jewelry takes place in Poland.