Three co-owners of Romanska brand

Three friends who share a common dream – to initiate the process of cleaning your Planet from the plastic waste.​

Wojtek is a robotics engineer with passion for technology and he’s 3D printing all of our products. He’s really good at photography too but doesn’t like fashion at all :).

Maria is a forest engineer driven by her love for the Planet. Our brand is focused on sustainablility because of her genuine. She;s a valuable marketing specialist with experience in fashion photography and exceptional sense of style.

Gabriela is a designer with a vision. As a graduate of two faculties, painting and clothing design, at work she combines knowledge of fine arts with applied arts.

Gabriela Romańska head designer profile photo
Gabriela Romańska
Maria Samsonowska-Tokaj ecology specialist profile photo
Maria Samsonowska-Tokaj
Wojciech Tokaj technologist profile photo
Wojciech Tokaj

The fashion industry has a disastrous impact on the environment. It is our duty to create a conscious brand that will affect the Planet in a positive way, by recycling existing waste while avoiding single use products. We believe that automation is the only chance for a better future.

Fashion is usually made in countries with very low production costs, where most of the employees are women and children. Unfortunately they are paid a wage they can’t live on, which is the reason we replaced humans with robots.

Mass production using 3D printers can end the unethical working conditions in the fashion industry. Our products are made without the need for manual labor. We believe in the power of human potential and we need it for creating a strategy, marketing and designing the product.

3D Printer used in Romańska

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans, and it can take a 1000 years for a PET bottle to break down.

This amount of waste will never disappear on its own.

We created this brand for every woman who loves fashion and statement pieces, not just for those who care for the environment. Our products are designed to complete any outfit , in hope to fill the world with sustainable fashion.